Third Loves Bras Are So Comfortable

Third Loves Bras Are So Comfortable

Third Love’s Bras Are So Comfortable, I Never Want to Take Them Off Just after I walked offstage at a summer camp for performing arts (I know) when I was 13, I hear people whisper. Why does her chest still stick out like this? Yet I did not. I just stood wearing a tank top. I’m just over five feet tall, and my DD-cup breasts seemed to be far more prominent than anyone of average height.

That incident—Together with the fact that I, too, was one of those girls who had to wear a bra * underneath * the spaghetti-strap tops with the built-in support — used in a lifetime of weird, complicated chest feelings. As a result, I’ve spent a lot of my adult life fitting into bras that looked nice but didn’t fit.

Quick forward to today, when the start-up lingerie company ThirdLove came to our offices to demo their products. I’d read about the business before and you’ve probably heard about that too. Its ads are all over Instagram, and just as I hate loving stuff that algorithms serve me, so I have to admit I’m all about those bras.

The best bra is one you never think about.

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How It Works

To get your Third Love size, you’ll complete a survey about your breast shape and how your bras usually suit you. Services. The site then leads you to appropriate models, in a variety of eye-catching but not garish hues, such as lilac and wine. The designs often come in a number of fabrics, such as delicate lace and silky-but-not-glossy satin.

Cup sizes are available in A through I, with bands varying between 30- and 48-inch. (If you want to wear matching pairs, ThirdLove’s underwear is also available in sizes XS to 3X.) Though, one of the things that I love most about ThirdLove is that it provides half-cup sizes.

How It Feels

I bought two styles: their Traditional T-Shirt Bra 24/7TM, and their Lace Balconette Bra 24/7TM. I went into the office bathroom when they arrived and changed my old bra immediately to check them out. The memory-foam cups are soft and silky, and the detailing is discreet and stylish, not glamorous in your face.

24/7 Lace Balconette Bra


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How It Fits

Based on my original sizing (32D), the bras I ordered were almost fine, but I found the tiniest bit of gaping as I walked around so I switched them out for 32C 1/2. Honestly, I was surprised by the difference a half-size could make. My boobs do not spill out of the cups when I lean over into my half-cups. Until now, I’ve honestly never seen a world where this could be possible.

Also, “secure” and “supported” usually aren’t synonymous with sexy, but these styles deliver on that seemingly impossible promise.

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The Verdict

Basically, these bras are the no-makeup-makeup look that many of us secretly crave. When you want to feel sexy, they’re sexy but don’t want to make a whole deal of it. And though ThirdLove is not cheap — prices vary from $48 to $84—their pre-buying attempt policy means that you are not left with a bra that is not great. When you pay the shipping cost of $2.99, you can also wear a bra for 30 days (and wash it too) before you return or exchange it.

Wow, I wish I had bras like this when I was younger but I’m so pleased that I finally got ones that really fit in my life right now.

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