Bra size – A complete guide

Bra size – A complete guide

Basics Of Your Innerwear

Innerwear That Is Art Of The Fashion World

While the brassiere may have been introduced as an essential innerwear, it has evolved much from the time it was invented for women centuries back. Today it is an influence on fashion and a way of making over-the-top appearances as well. You need to not only know your basics when it comes to your essential innerwear, but you also need to know how you can use it to make a fashion statement as well. The bra is not only an innerwear, it is known to be a symbol that has many cultural as well as political meanings. Its practical purpose of it has long overshadowed the importance that it has in the fashion world of today. From the time the brassiere evolved from the Victorian corset back in the 19th century, today it has a lot of say in the modern fashion world.

Bra Inspired Fashion

There are several instances when bra sizes have not only gotten a different meaning of their own, they have inspired the fashion and costumes of famous stars and personalities.

  • Madonna made news with her conical bra costumes that are designed by Jean Paul Gaultier to make a shocking appearance in the Blond Ambition concert in the nineties
  • Again, in Bollywood, many of the women who perform raunchy item songs are usually wearing modified bras or fine lingerie in the form of daunting and teasing choli bras. The item song sequences have glammed up cholis, made them shorter and they are comparable to bras worn as blouses
  • Even with saree, bra blouses are in vogue. Many Bollywood movies are testimonies to such daring fashion trends.

Modern Women Pick Up The Trend

Today many women stock up on designer bras as they are inspired by their favorite stars and celebrities. Many stars collect fancy bras and are not shy of teaming them with clothes that show them off. While every day lives might not allow most women to be so revealing, many wait for luxurious vacations or glam parties to be daring and to show off that designer bra under a lacy, sheer or any other revealing top. Thus, the brassiere is a defining part of any day fashion. Today people are getting fitter and they are able to remove or modify any imperfections. Many women are daring and confident enough to show off their bodies. There is an era of body consciousness that is coming in. Hence people do not mind wearing skimpier outfits, wearing dresses that are inspired by our undergarments and sexy lingerie. Today Lycra, which is primarily a bra fabric, is used to make dresses and pants. Even the bandage dress is a dress that is inspired by the brassier fabric.

Getting Down To The Basics

While the undergarment that made its appearance in the 19th century is inspiring a lot in the fashion world, we cannot quite forget what its fundamental purpose is. It is important that women wear bras in order to provide the right support to the breasts and the bra size also needs to be determined right. Many experts in fashion point out that, women who wear ill-fitted bras suffer from shoulder or back pain. They might also have the wrong posture if the bra size is incorrect.

Adverse Side Effects Of Wrong Bra Size

Bra measurement principles are easily found in beauty magazines as well as in beauty tips found online. If one gets the size wrong the following adverse effects are seen:
  • Poor posture
  • Injury to breast tissues
  • Back or shoulder pain
  • Chest pain due to tight bras
  • Bigger bras will mean inadequate support
  • Tight bras will put pressure on  the breast bone and tissues and make the shape of the breast distorted

The Benefits Of The Right Bra Measurements

If the bra measurement is right then you will be wearing a bra that provides optimal support to the breast tissues and helps one to maintain a good posture. Thus, for the sake of aesthetics as well as health, one needs to ensure that the right bra size is chosen. Most women are not taught how to measure themselves and get the right bra size. Again, women need to be conscious of when there are changes that occur in one’s bodies due to which the bra sizes can change. Thus, if the fitting feels loose or too tight, the bra size measurement should be done again to determine the right size every time one makes such a purchase.

How To Make The Measurements

One needs to start bra sizing by the following steps:
  • The rib cage should be measured under the bust
  • That is the rib cage measurement to which five inches need to be added. If the resultant number is odd, it should be rounded to form an even number which then  provides the band size
  • The second step comprises measuring around the chest at the fullest part. That needs to be rounded to the nearest number in order to get the number for one’s bustline
  • In order to get the cup size, one needs to subtract the band size from the bustline obtained. As per the difference, the cup size is determined. When the difference is half an inch, the cup size is AA. For one inch the cup size is A, for two inches the cup size is B, and so forth.
  • Invest In Good Quality Bras
It is imperative that women buy bras of comfortable and high-quality material. It is best to choose a fabric that allows the skin to breathe. At the same time, the elastic should be broad and comfortable and not dig into the skin. The material should not irritate the skin. If you opt for a lacy or designer bra, ensure that the material is comfortable and so is the fit. High-quality brands will ensure that the elasticity of the bra lasts for a long time as compared to low-quality bras.

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