Knowing Which Bra Size You Should Wear

Knowing Which Bra Size You Should Wear

Getting It Right

There are many women who are still wearing the wrong size of bras if they are enquired about it. The invention of the bra is a century old or more but women are still searching for ways to know how to get the right fit. Indeed, many societies do not educate their women on such basic necessary garments and their fitment. It shapes their breasts and ensures their form. Often, if the size is not right, one can cause permanent damage to the breast bones or the tissues. As this undergarment is worn for a long time and throughout the years of a woman’s life, they need to get the fit right.

Put Away The Measuring Tape When You Wish To Know The Right Fit

While the measuring tape might help you to know the basic size, how a bra ultimately fits you will not be known by simply adhering to your basic size every time you buy a bra. You need to know that every bra style and design is different and thus, even if you opt for the same size measurements, you will not get the same fit out of every bra. It is necessary to check on the back strap size as well as the cup size and determine whether the perfect bra sizing is achieved.

You Need To Find The Right Back Size First

When you are setting out how to measure the bra size, you need to first get the back size right. This is the portion of the bra that fits around the body. The band will provide the utmost support and hence it needs to be firm but not uncomfortable. The band should sit horizontally and should not go up at the back. If the strap is going up at the back, you can try a smaller back size but a larger cup size. Remember that the bra will feel loose after some time. You need to find it snug at the loosest hook. The next step is to find the right cup size. When you decide on this, keep the following points in mind:
  1. It relates to the volume of the breasts
  2. The wires at the front need to lie flat against the rib cage. They should not dig in and nor should they poke out
  3. The top of the cups should not form ridges or bulge out from the cups

Points To Remember

It is necessary to know which bra size you should wear as it will provide the right support to your chest. It will ensure that the breasts are well-rounded and stay in shape. It will also provide support to the back muscles as well as the shoulders and neck. Thus, you need to avoid the common pitfalls of bra sizing and ensure that you get the right one for yourself. When the fit loosens up over time, change it as it will not be able to provide adequate support to the muscles and tissues.

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