Gossip Over Celebrity Bra Sizes

Gossip Over Celebrity Bra Sizes

Obsession With Celebs

There are many who are intrigued to know what are the different celebrity bra sizes. Men are often guilty of indulging in such fantasies and the knowledge of what are the bra sizes of busty celebrities simply fires their imagination even more. Indeed, a fuller bust line is often seen as the level of sexiness of a woman. A woman is sexy as per her bust line. Though the fashion trend keeps changing from time to time, men tend to find bustier women more sexy. When such a figure is completed by a thin waist and wide hips, that seems to complete the definition of “sexy” for most men.

Height Of Bust Sizes

Many celebrities like Kat Dennings are seen to have voluptuous breasts. Many are intrigued to know what their bra sizes are. Is it a 38DDD? Such comments often show that many are unaware of what is bra sizing and how it is done. What do the figures indicate?

  • The number indicates the bra size of the length of the bra band
  • The alphabet indicates the cup size which starts from A to D usually although international measuring scales differ

Thus, the bra size can be indicated by a number and two alphabets denoting the size of the cups of the two breasts. Women are interested to find out how they can arrive at the figure for themselves. One needs to make use of an online bustline calculator. Such a tool will provide step-by-step guidance as to how the band size is determined and then the cup size and so forth.

Different Celebrities And Differing Bust Lines

  • A star like Kat Dennings is five feet four inches in height and slim with the right curves. Her voluminous bustline is the point of discussion in many places.
  • Another lady is Katie Price Jordan who hits the news for her curvaceous figure. Even though she holds a bust line of 36E, she is a petite woman, a model who follows a strict diet and exercise regime. Her waist and hips are 24 and 26 inches which make her bust even more noticeable.
  • Those who are thin and petite usually have smaller bra sizes but larger cup sizes such as Brittany from the Thin & Curvy.
  • Sofia Vergara is another lady whose bra size is 32 F as she claims but it could easily be 28G as well. The difference is, that the latter is a tighter band with larger cup sizes.
  • Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian are also someone whose bustline is guessed at widely on many gossip columns. While some say she is 34DD, others say that she could be 30E.

Why All The Interest?

Many might wonder why are we so engrossed in the perfect bra sizing especially when it comes to celebrities. The point is since we are blind followers of their figures and wish to be like them or have our women more like them, the bodily dimensions of the celebrities become a point of interest that is unending.

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